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Telegram is a fantastic application that allows users to send encrypted messages pictures, videos, and audio files to each other for free. The application doesn’t have intrusive ads, and it also has interesting group mechanics that allow many users to talk together at once. For these reasons, Telegram has become increasingly possible in many countries with over 200 million active users. The only bad news is that Russia has blocked Telegram, cutting off service for a significant amount of users.

Parel Durov, CEO of Telegram, commented on the issue: “I confirm that Telegram traffic has been partially blocked in Russia since yesterday’s evening.”

While neither Durov or Russia have made an official statement explaining the direct cause of the blockage, it’s only logical to suspect that Russia has found Telegram threatening. Other countries like Iran blocked Telegram in October of 2015 since Telegram refused to allow Iran to censor user messages.

After Durov’s tweet, Users on Twitter noted that access to Telegram in Russia was still possible with the use of a VPN. Since our service encrypts internet traffic through the connection to a remote server, users could bypass the block and still send messages to other users like normal.

It’s incredibly difficult to predict when a country will lash out at a company for giving users the power of privacy. Applications like Telegram are often vulnerable to blockages, but with the use of HeadVPN, you can guarantee that your traffic and applications like Telegram will always have a backup measure.

HeadVPN service is one of the only VPNs to divert considerable resources to users in censored countries to ensure that their access to the internet is unhindered.

In this tutorial you will find how to setup HTTP Proxy in Telegram application.

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