Here you will find how to setup OpenVPN protocol on Android OS (5, 6 and 7 versions). Setting up HeadVPN access under Android is simple. The following instructions go step-by-step through the creation process of a OpenVPN connection.

To simplify the process of connecting to VPN network we recommend you to use our free HeadVPN application.
Click here to install it.
If you want to setup VPN connection manually, just follow the instructions below.

First you need to download OpenVPN config files from your Client Area
Find OpenVPN config files ( Android OS ) archive. Press and save archive file on your device. Once downloaded, unzip it on your Android device.
Now you need to install OpenVPN app. Once installed please open app.
Tap on “OVPN Profile” button
Find the folder where you unzipped the OpenVPN configuration files. Open this folder and select the one of server’s config file you want. Press on “IMPORT” button.
Type your VPN username , check “Save password” and enter your VPN password. Then press “ADD” button.
You can connect now. Press the grey slider to start VPN connection
In “Attention request” box check “I trust this application” and click OK.
Now you are connected. To disconnect just press on green slider.
Enjoy HeadVPN service!
George Yellow