Now TV SmartDNS setup tutorial

Here you will find how to setup SmartDNS on NowTV device. Setting up SmartDNS service on NowTV is simple. The following instructions go step-by-step through the creation process of SmartDNS service.

Please update your original IP address before start using SmartDNS service

Unfortunately NowTV does not allow to change DNS directly. But you can still use our SmartDNS service, because you can set-up them on your router, so it will take effect to your NowTV as well. For this you can simply change DNS server address on your internet access device.

In order to assist you we have prepared DNS tutorials for most popular routers D-Link, TP-Link and DD-WRT.

If for any reasons you can’t set it up please open a ticket and we’ll help you.

Not all settings menu for all routers are the same, but they have similar logic. So you can use one of our tutorials to set up your router.

Enjoy HeadVPN service!