PlayStation 3 SmartDNS setup tutorial

Here you will find how to setup SmartDNS on PlayStation 3. Setting up SmartDNS service on PlayStation 3 is simple. The following instructions go step-by-step through the creation process of SmartDNS service.

Please update your original IP address before start using SmartDNS service

1. Select Settings and scroll down to Network Settings.
2. Select Internet Connection Settings, then choose the network you want to connect.
3. For setting method select Custom
4. Once you are connected select Enter Manually in WLAN Settings.

In IP Address Setting menu choose Manual
5. Set up your local IP, Subnet Mast and Default Router IP address.

Click here to find HeadVPN SmartDNS server addresses and then type it in the required field: Primary and Secondary DNS.

Once completed continue with next step.
6. MTU select Automatic.
7. Do Not Use a Proxy Server.
8. Enable for UPnP

Verify all settings once again and press X to save.

You’re DONE!

Here you will find what sites and services are unlocked via Smart DNS.

Enjoy HeadVPN service!