Here you will find how to how to add a Proxy Server in Windows Phone 8. Setting up HeadVPN access in Windows Phone is simple. The following instructions go step-by-step through the creation process of a Proxy connection.


Start by opening your phone’s Settings and tapping WiFi
Then, tap the wireless network you’re connected to.
A screen named Edit network is opened. Here you will find a Proxy switch and all the details of the wireless connection (IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS and MAC address).
To add a proxy server turn On the Proxy switch.
Two new fields are displayed: Server/URL and Port.
Type the name or IP address of a HeadVPN server ( you will find the available servers list under your Client Area ) in the Server/URL field
Then, in the Port field, enter one of Proxy ports: 8080, 81 or 3129
After you have entered the necessary details, tap done on the bottom menu to save your changes.
To disable the use of a proxy, go to Settings -> WiFi and then the wireless network you are connected to.

Then, turn Off the Proxy switch.

Enjoy HeadVPN service!
George Yellow